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Frequently Asked Questions

Are They Safe?

All our products are CE Certified so rest assured you are buying top quality goods and most importantly they are safe. Please note they are not suitable for children under the age of three and adult supervision is recommended for small children. Please see individual item packaging for minimum age guide. The Glow Stick is made from a plastic case/tube and if it should break open then the contents are safe and non toxic. Having said that contact with eyes and ingestion of the product should be avoided as this will cause irritation. If you are unfortunate enough to get the contents in your eyes wash with copious amounts of water.


How Do They Work?

The glow stick is made up of plastic container and glass container with different liquids in each. To activate the product, bend the outer plastic container, shake, making the liquids in the glass and plastic containers mix fully to generate the best light.


How Long Do They Last?

The light stick at room temperature should continue to produce light for approximately 8 hours to 48 hours depending on the size. Our main products such as the 8” Glow Stick (Bracelet Style) and 6” Glow Stick will glow for 12 to 48 hours with the light diminishing in that time. Please note they are for one time use only and can not be turned off once activated.


Are They Waterproof?

Yes they are. We sell lots to Divers to use as ‘Buddy Markers’.


What Happens If I get the contents On My Clothes?

This should not happen under normal use but if the Glow Stick has been bent repeatedly or punctured then you will need to wash off with warm soapy water. Do not allow to dry as this may cause the item to become stained.


How Do I Store My Glow Sticks?

Don’t leave the light stick in the direct sun or expose to high temperatures as this can cause leakage. If the original wrapper, package, or tube has not been damaged, the product should have a shelf life of approximately three years depending on the size and type of product.


How Many Colours Are Available?

The following colours are available:

8" Glow Bracelet:


6” Glow Stick:


We offer a reduced colour range in our other products from those listed above. Please see individual item for colour choice.


When And Where To Use:

The list is endless: Special Events, Party’s, Bars, Nightclubs, Concerts, Camping, Festivals, Kids Party’s, Fishing and BBQ’S etc. Chemical dependable light sources produce no heat, flame, or sparks, are unaffected by wind or rain. And it may be used in areas of combustible gasses or liquids where ordinary light sources might pose an explosion or fire hazard.