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Glowstick Uses

 Glow sticks are extremely popular at parties and festivals but did you know there are lots more uses for these little, brightly-coloured sticks? 

For example, Fundraising, Diving, Camping, Films & TV, Decoration, Hiking, Fishing, Emergencies,  Road safety, Military,  Night Golf.

 Fundraising: There are many different ways to rasie money - selling or using glow products at your event is a great way to increase funds. Ideal events for fundraising include - Firework Displays, Sporting Events, School Dances, Fancy Dress Parties, Band Nights, Bonfire Nights, Fun Runs, Summer Fairs, School Fetes, Movie Nights, Performances, Christmas Parties 

Diving: Having a source of light is essential for scuba divers, and glow sticks are a very common choice as they are easy to carry but still emit a powerful light. Red is a particularly popular colour among divers as its high wave length means it can illuminate longer distances.  

Camping: If you’re going to sleep in a tent, the last thing you want in there is a naked flame, so candles are an absolute no-no. Battery-operated torches and lamps can be used for lighting purposes but batteries can be expensive and can have their power quickly drained by more powerful lights. That’s why glow sticks are a cheap and effective alternative. Available for as little as 30p, you can use several glow sticks to light up your tent, allowing you to read or eat. They are also useful for helping you see where you’re going if you decide to venture outside during the night, especially if placed by the tent pegs. 


 Films & TV: Glow sticks are often used to create fancy special effects during low light shooting.  

Emergencies: In many countries, glow sticks are used in the event of an emergency or disaster. Their light can help locate people at night or provide light in the event of a power failure. They are considered safe for use due to there being no risk of sparking, which is vital in the event of a gas or chemical leak and don’t pose a fire hazard like candles do.

Military: Glow sticks have been used by military personnel all over the world since the early 1960s. They can be used to mark landing zones for aircraft and to make navigation easier for soldiers. They also use infra-red glow sticks, which are invisible to the naked eye but can be seen using thermal imaging and night vision equipment.  

 Night golf: A rapidly growing sport, night golf is fun twist on the traditional game. As the name suggests, night golf is played once the sun has set, with different coloured glow sticks marking different parts of a hole: green for the fairway, red for hazards, blue for the tees and yellow for the green and pin. Players also use glow-in-the-dark balls




Road safety: More and more motorists are carrying glow sticks in their cars to use as a warning for other drivers in the event of a breakdown. They are also highly effective when used by pedestrians (especially children) and cyclists to make other road users aware of their presence at night.

Decoration: Whatever the time of year, glow sticks can be used to transform any room or building into a fun, party environment. Glow sticks can be hung from the ceiling or arranged to make letters or shapes. If you’re very careful, you can use the contents of a glow stick to make a glow lantern. Simply pour the contents into a jar, being careful not to spill any on your clothes or furniture, put the lid on and shake!

 Hiking: Carry a 6inch glow stick in case you get caught out at night to signal help. Lightweight and safe, glow sticks are the perfect safety lighting device for hikers.

 Fishing: The use of glow sticks is becoming increasingly popular among anglers. Not only do they provide light during night fishing, which is vital when you’re close to the water’s edge, but very small glow sticks can be used as lures.